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Chief Whips Notes

Political Remarks to Caucus Meetings by the ANC Chief Whip, Nathi Mthethwa

This page contains political remarks of the Chief Whip of the African National Congress as well as those of other ANC leaders [on the invitation of the Chief Whip] to the Meetings of the Parliamentary Caucus. Caucus Meetings are attended by all ANC Members deployed in Parliament and Cabinet, and they take place every week when Parliament is in session.


Date Title
25 Sep 2009 Heritage Month 2009
25 Aug 2008 Sowing Division
18 Aug 2008 Deepening the fight against crime
08 Aug 2008 Women's Day
06 Jun 2008 Response to Fivaz-Njenje's Sunday Times article
22 May 2008 The National Question
15 May 2008 The Revolutionary Alliance in South Africa
19 Apr 2008 Scorpions serve Adversaries of the Democratic Order
21 Feb 2008 Build Popular Organs to Consolidate People’s Power
07 Feb 2008 The Basis is Organisation