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Media Statements - 2012


Date Title
28 Dec 2012 Opportunity to debate societal challenges sacrificed on the Altar of Sensationalism
11 Dec 2012 Office of the ANC Chief Whip`s year-end statement
11 Dec 2012 Western Cape High Court dismisses Lekota case
06 Dec 2012 Cross-Appeal of Judge Dennis Davis Judgement
05 Dec 2012 Public Protector’s findings on DA-Naspers Deal
01 Dec 2012 Passing of Info Bill by the NCOP
30 Nov 2012 Concourt`s decision on no confidence motion
28 Nov 2012 ANC Chief Whip on Professor Jakes Gerwel
22 Nov 2012 Judgement of the Western Cape High Court on motion of no confidence
21 Nov 2012 Scheduling of the motion of no confidence in the President
14 Nov 2012 Decision of the ANC Caucus on the motion of no confidence
08 Nov 2012 Motion of no confidence in the President silly
07 Nov 2012 ANC will not support DA`s call for Nkandla debate
02 Nov 2012 Claims around Parliamentary inter-faith event malicious
01 Nov 2012 The degeneration of the culture of discipline in Parliament
30 Oct 2012 Lekota must be sanctioned for lying to parliament
29 Oct 2012 Lekota`s impeachment claims defamatory
29 Oct 2012 Parliamentary conference on Nation-Building
29 Oct 2012 Programme of the Parliamentary Interfaith Council-NICSA Conference on Nation-Building
16 Oct 2012 Zille not in position to offer solution to National Challenges
09 Oct 2012 The situation at SAA
04 Oct 2012 Public representatives must reserve - Inter-Parliamentary Caucus
03 Oct 2012 ANC Chief Whip to chair North West Inter-Parliamentary Caucus
20 Sep 2012 Calls for Holomisa’s recusal from committee debate
20 Sep 2012 Crime Statistics
18 Sep 2012 Rose Sonto (MP) apology on his Marikana statement
13 Sep 2012 Parliamentary oversight over Marikana
12 Sep 2012 Allegations that ANC is backtracking on info bill unfounded
06 Sep 2012 Conclusion of disciplinary process against the Secretary of Parliament
05 Sep 2012 Watty Watson must apologise to ANC Chief Whip

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