Parliamentary Questions and Answers
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Parliamentary Bulletin is a briefing for ANC Parliamentarians, to inform on key policy and political campaigning issues. It is intended to be a mini-fact file, a summary of important points and a guide to the key political lines that ANC Parliamentarians should be using in their public statements, speeches, articles and press releases. The Bulletin is issued weekly while Parliament is in session, by the office of the Chief Whip.


Date Title
29 Oct 1996 Termination of Pregnancy Bill
21 Oct 1996 Poverty in South Africa - Poverty Week Debate
16 Sep 1996 Attorney General says National Party Blocked Sol Kerzner Trial
14 Sep 1996 Dispensing Doctors
09 Sep 1996 Juvenile Justice
26 Aug 1996 Films and Publications Bill
19 Aug 1996 PAGAD
12 Aug 1996 New Code of Conduct: ANC leads the drive for Higher Standards in Public Life