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ANC Chief Whip

Mphikwa Jackson Mthembu ANC Chief Whip
Mphikwa Jackson Mthembu

Tel:021 403 3860
Fax:021 461 0462

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The Chief Whip of the Majority Party is the most senior ANC Whip, upon whom rests the ultimate responsibility for the actions of all ANC MP`s. It is the task of the Chief Whip to ensure that all ANC MP`s perform their functions efficiently. The Chief Whip, is the most senior party Parliamentary Office Bearer; is the political manager and strategist for ANC Caucus and acts as a communications link between ANC MP`s and the Executive (Cabinet). The Chief Whip acts on delegated authority from the NEC and the Political Committee. In executing this mandate the Chief Whip delegates authority to other Whips and Members as the circumstances may determine.

The Chief Whip has the responsibility to ensure that there is effective political management; political guidance and political education to all ANC members. Central to the functions of the Chief Whip is to ensure that decisions of the ANC collective are adhered to and that the legislative programme is delivered according to the timetables agreed with the Leader of Government Business.

As the Chief Whip of the Majority Party he has the overall responsibility to ensure that the business of the House is conducted and delivered efficiently. In this the Chief Whip works closely and in cooperation with the Presiding Officers, Leaders and Whips of other Political Parties.

The Chief Whip is represented in all Parliamentary structures and forums, such as Committees, inter-party forums and all House and sub committees, by designated Whips or directly.

The Chief Whip is also responsible for party organisation, directing the activities of Caucus and individual members and is the accounting officer for the Parliamentary and constituency ANC budget allocations.

In light of the Chief Whip`s responsibility to ensure that MP`s conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and perform their functions efficiently, the Chief Whip has the authority to take disciplinary action against ANC MP`s who do not act accordingly.

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