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Motion without Notice by Honourable Nosilivere Winnifred Magadla on job creation

7 June 2011

Chairperson. I hereby move without notice: by ANC that the Council-

Notes the remarkable of the five women from the Northern rural area of KwaZulu-Natal who jointly started a small vegetable garden in a small piece of ground with they leased because they had no land of their own to feed their families;

Today, they farm about 70 hectares of communal l and sell 150 tons of their produce a year to Fruit and Vegetable City and to local vendors and the leftover they give to children`s homes and the poor. The project provides seventy fulltime jobs and 50 temporary seasonal jobs;

Commends the Amajuba municipality for its initiative in promoting economic development and for assisting the women with sprinklers and irrigation equipment and the Department of Water Affair who bought a water pump; and

Echoes that South Africa needs more men and women like these who do not look to the government to feed them and their families but who take ownership and responsibility for their circumstances to do their own thing and at the same time assist the community.

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