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The ANC welcomes the signing of the proposed National Minimum Wage

L Yengeni

The ANC in its 2014 Manifesto has asserted the need to investigate the modality for the introduction of a national minimum wage as one of the key mechanisms to reduce income inequality.

In so doing, the African National Congress welcomes the historical signing of the National Minimum Wage agreement set at R20 per hour or R3 500 per month for those that work a 40-hour week. This was agreed to by all stakeholders, except Cosatu, on Tuesday, 07 February 2017, which is expected to take effect from May 2018.

This is an indication that the ANC is serious about addressing its objective of eliminating poverty, reducing inequality and creating jobs. It also views the agreement as providing a platform to improve income levels of our people and lifting the income levels of 6.6 million workers who are currently earning below R3 500.

The ANC believes that the agreement will go a long way in giving effect to the electoral mandate of its government to introduce a National Minimum Wage, which is an important step in creating a more equal, just and prosperous society, as envisaged in the National Development Plan (NDP) Vision 2030.

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