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Speech by Honorable Nocawe N Mafu, MP Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements on Presidency Budget Vote 1

31 May 2017

Hon Speaker
Hon President of RSA, Hon JG Zuma
Hon Deputy President of RSA, Hon C Ramaphosa
Members of the Executive
Hon Members of Parliament
The guest and people of South Africa

On this last day of the Africa month, let us always contribute to a better and a safer Africa in a better world.

Hon Speaker

As the APEX department of government and a custodian of the National Development Plan,(NDP) the Presidency plays a critical leadership and supervision role in galvanising the whole of government and indeed society towards the attainment of the vision of the National Development Plan, vison 2030. In terms of the 14 Outcomes, the Presidency leads the alignments and coordination of the Strategic Agenda of Government.

This leadership role further requires of the Presidency to have its feet on the ground, to listen attentively to emerging concerns of the sectors of the population and to work in a productive manner with applicable government departments to ensure a timeous response to emerging challenges.

Hon Speaker

Hon Speaker

Izimbizo is a programme through which government interface with the citizens. This programme is inspired by an old practice within the African culture where communities gather together within their traditional setting, to discuss the challenges they face and develop a way forward. This rich tradition is premise on the principle of consensus building, it is a participatory platform of mutual engagement amongst citizen, just yesterday the Presidential Imbizo was held in Elsies River here in Cape Town.

Hon Speaker

Taking the presidency to the people remains a key focus as it enables government to monitor service delivery by talking to the citizens directly on issues, affecting their lives. The general experience is that communities welcome such opportunities positively and engage comfortably in detail with the President, which in turn allows the President and Members of the Execute to witness and gouge citizens participation in building better communities and a better South Africa. Since this program was relaunched on the 30 September 2014, at the Imbali township in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. It has since been taken to all province in this term of office. The Presidential Siyahlola Monitoring Programme is meant to assess front-line service delivery through schedule and unscheduled visits by the President in priority areas defined in the 14 National Outcomes and Five Government Priorities. On the day of the visit the President is normally accompanied by the Premier, Mayor of particular municipality and relevant Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The President does door to door and proceed to y to the main venue for the community meeting to deliver His keynote address and entertain and interact with community members. The Department of Monitoring and Evaluation coordinates the post visit meetings with all the relevant departments where an oversight task team is established to monitor implementation of commitments that may have been made.

Presidential programs enhances synergy of working together of all Three Spheres of Government. There are many success stories that can be cited from the 44 presidential Siyahlola visits, of how lives of the visited communities has improved following the presidential visit since the inception of the programme in 2009.

Hon Speaker,

A Presidential Hotline which was established by the President during his first term, as a mechanism that should be used by the general public to report directly in his office any service delivery related matter or any issues that they think he needs to know. The Presidential hotline is quite popular with the members of the public has successfully process thousands of issues referred to it.

Hon Speaker

We have to agree that monitoring and overseeing the implementation of the Performance Delivery Agreements of the Executive remain a key priority in this period of Radical Socio-Economic Transformation.

A specific focus for 2017/18 will be Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Radical Economic Transformation and Job Creation as well as the fight against crime. Public participation programmes will be intensified around these key areas.

Hon Speaker

Hon Speaker

The Presidency has partnership with social partners which strengthen the interface with government The Presidential Business Working Group amongst other things has committed to revitalise township economy and focus on Industrialisation through local procument.

The Presidential Working Group on Disability which works on promoting and mainstreaming the rights of persons with disability across government. President also convened Black Professionals to hear their concerns and views on how government program on actions and country can be taking forward especially on terms of socioeconomic transformation. The others are The National Consultative Mining Forums and the Presidential Youth Working Group. The interaction with Interfaith Group and Traditional Leaders is also taking place. Social change requires social agencies. National Democratic Society is a conscious Act of construction. These partnerships enhance prospects of programme success and the achievement of the commitment contained in the National Development Plan.

Hon Speaker

One of the methods that the President account to the nation on the success of these program is when he comes to this house to answer questions and through the State of the Nation Address,.

Our behaviour as members of this house during these event is public knowledge. But in that process we depriving the South African an opportunity to enjoy that accountability from the President.

Hon Speaker

The Presidency is the hub of strategic coordination, it provides direction and thus the overall Leadership and Supervision of every Sphere of Government. It ensures and aligned response to the implementation of the government plans, processes and programs.

South African National Aids Council, (SANAC) a special project led by the Deputy President, which its main focus being the fight against the HIV/AIDS & TB, antipoverty programme are also coordinated in this office. Research Institutions such as; The South African Council for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR), The Human Science Research Council (HSRC), Statistics South Africa (SATSA) and many South African Universities can take credit for this administration, to use data and evidence to inform policies.

Enkosi Mongameli, for keeping your commitment which you made to the Nation in your first inaugural speech in 2009, that government will be closer, accessible and accountable to the people. Of course we are all aware that social cohesion in a national democratic society will also depend to an extent to which the rights of the poor disadvantaged is dealt with.

It is of this reason we as the African National Congress we fully embrace Radical Economic Transformation as a road to National Democratic Society.

Hon Speaker

The Africa National Congress Support the budget Vote

I thank you

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