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ANC Caucus welcomes Concourt Judgement on secret ballot

22 June 2017

The African National Congress in Parliament notes and welcomes the judgement of the Constitutional Court on the matter of a secret ballot in a motion of no confidence in the President. Whilst we are consulting with our organisation and our legal advisors on the implications of this judgement, our initial understanding of the judgement is that it gives the Speaker of the National Assembly who is the chairperson of the Rules Committee of parliament, the powers to decide on a secret ballot in terms of Section 57 of the Constitution as it relates to the National Assembly's ability to conduct its business.

As the ANC Caucus, we will engage positively in all avenues that our rules give the Speaker to engage on this matter that has been ventilated in the Constitutional Court.

Notwithstanding these matters and the effects of the engagements that will ensue in the rules committee, we are still steadfast that whether such engagement will result in a vote by secret ballot or not, we have unqualified and unequivocal confidence in the ANC Caucus not to vote in support of a motion to remove the President of the ANC who is also the President of the Republic of South Africa and our government from office.

As Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng reminded us today, the South African electoral system is a party political system. The electorate votes for political parties who represent them in the legislature. ANC members of Parliament are therefore representatives of the ANC in Parliament and derive their mandate from the political party which deployed them in the same way as members of other political parties derive their mandate from their political parties. The most recent example of this is in the Western Cape Provincial Legislature where the Democratic Alliance refused to vote with the ANC to remove Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. In the Mogale City Municipality, the DA even went as far as forcing their councillors to take a lie detector test after some of their members defied their party mandate by voting in favour of removing the Mayor. This is the level of hypocrisy of the opposition who expect the ANC to do something which they flatly refuse to do.

We reiterate our long stated position that we will not support the motion of no confidence on President Jacob Zuma by opposition parties. We will defeat this motion of no confidence by the opposition as we have successfully done so in the previous 4 motions tabled in this 5th term of parliament.

Nonceba Mhlauli
Media Liaison Officer
072 623 3462

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