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Motion of No Confidence in the President debate by Deputy Chief Whip of the ANC Ms Dorries Eunice Dlakude

8 August 2017

Hon. Speaker
Deputy Speaker
His Excellency Deputy President
Ministers and Deputy Ministers
Hon. Members
Our Guests in the gallery

I greet you all

First, we extend sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of our Cdes, who passed away in the recent past. Hon. Trevor Bonhomme from KZN and Hon. TZM Khoza, from Mpumalanga. The latter died in a car accident while on oversight visit to schools around Paarl. The ANC is much poorer without them, may their gentle souls RIP.

We also extend our best wishes to the Committee Members who were injured while on oversight; Hon. Gina, who is still in hospital; Hon. Cynthia Majeke and Ian Ollis, recuperating at home - including the driver of the mini bus; Mr Meyer.
Hon Speaker

As we celebrate Women's month, the ANC commits to creating a safe and secure environment for women. The ANC welcome the Speaker's decision to opt for a secret ballot. We have always indicated our openness to either a secret or open ballot.

Hon. Speaker

Moving forward, as parties and a country, we should reflect on whether it is desirable for Public Representatives to conduct their vote in secret. The inherent danger of such a practice being potential use of money to influence politics, and the electorate not knowing what their representatives vote for.

Hon. Speaker

Our Constitution, Rules of the National Assembly and the Joint Houses of Parliament, Chapter Nine Institutions and the Judiciary; serve to ensure that the Executive accounts. The President has, at least, four question and answer sessions annually in this House, where Members have a responsibility to scrutinize Executive decisions. Recognizing the President's prerogative to appoint the Cabinet, without second-guessing him, and ensure he accounts in his exercise of his constitutional mandate; expresses our public integrity.

Hon. Speaker,

The haste for political showboating and vilification of the person of the President - not robust questioning of the Office; that is displayed by walk-outs each time the President honors his obligations, undermines our responsibility.

We are aware of all the issues raised by our society. We acknowledge our mistakes and are committed to correct them. We aspire to be and to do right. As our former President, Nelson Mandela, explained; "I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying ."

The May 2017 ANC NEC has agreed on a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate all these allegations of state capture. The President has also committed to the establishment of the Commission.

Hon. Speaker

This debate is about our integrity as the Governing Party, Public Representatives, and the nation, which occurs in an environment where a democratically elected majority-with policies for a radical impetus to a constitutional liberal democracy, is pitted against an insurrectionist opposition anchored on a racial privilege protectionism and narrow populist nationalism.

Hon. Speaker

This motion is their publicly stated intention of regime change. A wish to manipulate the Legislature, usurp the Constitution, so as to collapse Government, deter service delivery and sow seeds of chaos in society to ultimately grab power. A hypocritical opposition, devoid of integrity, disciplines its Public Representatives for voting with conscience for a service delivery budget. It is the same hypocrisy that vote in defense of its Western Cape leader, yet expects otherwise of the ANC.

Hon. Speaker

Our electoral system is a party-based list, in which the party contests elections, and deploy members to represent it in Parliament. We know and trust our members not to betray their movement and the imperatives of our democracy. Sometimes our hurt is immeasurable, the anguish of the people insufferable, and the propensity of our collective resilience beyond sustainability when tested. At times, the noise is so loud it deafens even the lucidity of reason. At which point, we seek the easiest and quickest of exits, oblivious to the incalculable costs to ourselves as a people and party; now and into the future. It is yet at this very moment that our individual and collective integrity must propel us to rise above political expediency and personal distastes; assume higher goals our forebears and lodestars set for us as a people.

The ANC rejects this motion of the DA. I thank you

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