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Motion of No Confidence in the President debate by Comrade Pule Mabe ANC MP

8 August 2017, National Assembly of the Parliament of the RSA

Ba-Pedi Bare Ngwana llela Nakana Ya Mukhura Sethla O mo neye - Today we are going to give it to our modern day fanatics of "Fame and Fortune" the Democratic Alliance who consistently want to appear as the authors of the moral script and custodians of good caonduct in society. In the DA the word Revolution doesn't exists everything they do is guided by opportunism, last and desperation for fame. Our movement the ANC has led the charge in liberating the People of South Africa and leading the rest of society to a right path one that has always been about reconstruction and development

We are entering this debate of yet another frivolous and fruitless motion of no confidence to primarily attend to the essence that this motion is grounded on.

Any serious motion brought against a President duly elected by the National Assembly specifically one that impugns on the Character of the President need to be well researched with necessary empirical data and backed by substantiated and verified reports and not gossips and hearsay made to doctored to appear as facts. The worst to happen is believing on your propagand a path the DA seems to be following, and as Thomas Sankara has it " We in the ANC - the movement of the people are not against Progress - but we do not want progress that is anarchic and criminally neglects the rights of others.

We are in ANC continue to draw strength from our forebears and with one such being Tata Nelson Mandela who words of wisdom continue to resonate with our efforts to built to a country for all - for the benefit of the proposers of this frivolous motion who clearly guided by destruction and a greater will to try everything little effort including approaching the courts with the aim of liquidating people's revolution Isithalandwe Tata Nelson Mandela Warned - " It is so easy to break down and destroy. The Heroes are those who make peace and build"

There is not right thinking movement rooted amongst the people driven by greater love for humanity which can vote in favor of entrenching minority interest and extracting a people centered Government from power. Today we are taking full control of this debate performing to the fullest and without a hint of doubt our leadership role including dictating on what needs to happen.

So What are We confronted with as a nation that requires ANC leadership?

We have before Parliament a 2016 "State of Capture Report" from the Previous Public Protector which this Parliament is beginning to apply its mind to thanks to the ANC leadership in Caucus.

In applying our minds we are well aware that the State of Capture report was concluded rapidly containing very serious findings and recommending very specific remedial action.

In this regard our President Jacob Zuma is already leading charge undertaking the process to establish a Judicial Commission of Inquiry with rigor and honor for its conclusions on the allegations made to have measure of credibility. The outrage in public over the levels of perceived and real corruption must be urgently addressed by this Parliament.

As Public Representatives led by the ANC and with support of other political parties we have already initiated a process that will allow complete expression by all political parties as representatives of our people.

This process allows for the necessary examination, scrutiny and testing of the veracity of allegations contained in various reports currently before Parliament - It is the existence of this various multiparty instruments within parliament like Ad Hoc committees are necessary to assert accountability and our continued oversight role to regularly attend to instances of wrongdoing and consolidate good governance.

And consistent with our resolve to represent all of our people fairly where Parliament may not have the necessary capacity regularly defer to the structures in our society that are set up to investigate so that the public interest, our democracy, our Constitution and the programme of Government informed by the governing Party must succeed since its design is to improve the lives of our people and give them a secure future. Already the Portfolio Committees on Public Enterprises, Home Affairs and the Standing Committee on Public Accounts is leading the way with Transport and Mineral Resources set to follow. So whilst the DA motion seeks to dislodge the State President, and de-facto his appointed Cabinet, bring about a collapse in the Executive and serve their stated desire to force the country to go to early National and Provincial elections, the ANC position is to say the Nation is speaking and has spoken and having listened we are responding. The public correctly hates corruption, theft and other forms of public and private sector perceived and real corruption and as public representatives we are duty bound to investigate these allegations both real and perceived. We must bring experts and analysts to test the veracity of allegations and come to a determination on what must happen to those who are implicated irrespective of who it is. As progressive democrats allow a fair, open and due process to take place.

Whilst public opinion is critical, which public representatives must appreciate and respect, the court of public opinion must not be allowed to become the benchmark of decision making as this will collapse structures that the State, the Constitution and law has put in place to test the veracity of allegations claims and counter claims. This is even more important today where social/new media seeks to influence outcomes often without subjecting itself to the test of veracity.

The ANC will not lean to opposition parties and remove its President as we know that this opposition parties are working overnight to dislodge the ANC and extract from power without following due processes. This motion is nothing but a test of character - we refuse to be directed by the DA and the rest of the opposition.

Parliament must act on the "balance of evidence" not on the allegations of the DA motion. Establish wrong doing and then act, not the other way round, otherwise everyone can see that it is merely opportunistic. The Constitution requires that we as Parliamentarians apply our minds. The antithesis of this is to speculate and indulge in generalities.

The fact that we are being asked to commit ourselves to something which opposition parties don't apply themselves to their own leadership is common cause and we would say to those parties which includes the mover of today's motion of no confidence, you will never convince any conscious MP by being yourself inconsistent. Courts of law apply this principle and today you want to lower the standards we have set to govern the country in order that you benefit as a party.

Let me come to the other part of the DA motion which speaks to matters of economic concern which are directly attributed to the President. The classic and dishonest way of dealing with challenges in the economy is to attribute all problems to an individual. What this does is to "dumb-down" the nation by seeking to convince it that if we get rid of an individual many of our problems will be addressed and if we get rid of the individuals party which they head, all your economic problems will be addressed. Such a motion, like todays, merely insults the collective intelligence of the nation.

As the ANC we are dealing with the challenges of an economic legacy in which the features of our economy still deeply reflect colonial economic underpinnings. The role of the Developmental State is to drive the necessary structural and demographic changes in the economy which in turn address class, race and gender.

What is required is communicating a coherent and single economic message of inclusive growth through growing the productive sectors of the economy, manufacturing and industrialisation, supporting small business development and infrastructure investment.

At the core of the ANC's economic concerns is the transformation of the economy for accelerated and inclusive growth. At the heart of inclusive growth is an economy that increases the number of jobs. This requires coordinated interventions across economic sectors to fundamentally boost the performance of the South African economy. AS Jomo Kenyatta has it "You and I must work together to develop our country, to get education for our children, to have doctors, to build roads, to improve or provide all dayto-day essentials."

It is a matter of priority to the ANC that we take concrete steps to restore investor confidence and consumer confidence, as well as popular confidence in our ability to stabilise and transform South Africa's economy. This will enable us to improve the economic circumstances of our people through a sustainable programme of radical social and economic transformation. This requires effective state capacity that is decisive and disciplined in its pursuit of resolving the economic challenges of our time. It also requires the development of partnerships with labour, business, government and communities in order to advance our objectives. In this regard, it is critical that the three key principles of co-ordination; integration; and sequencing economic recovery do take place.

What the motion refuses to acknowledge, even though the DA know it, is that in capitalist economies such as ours, whose currency is one of the most traded in the world, speculation on any matter including a President will have an impact on perceptions of the economy and can lead to negative outcomes. Speculation has done immense damage to the world economy let alone ours. The motion banks on this to happen. Quote "With confidence, you have won before you have started. Marcus Garvey "

Ours is to reflect on the downgrades and what it means for the country and how we mitigate the impact of it. What cannot allow to happen is that under the pressure of speculation and limited private sector investment you veer away from the policies and principles that you have been elected on in 2014. Domestic investment must be encouraged to invest in the productive sectors of the economy, prescribed assets and investment that will result in medium term stability and growth and not just short term accumulation.

The central message of the Freedom Charter - encompasses economic emancipation. It is inconceivable for liberation to have meaning without a return of the wealth of the country to the people as a whole.

In responding to the essence of the DA motion in economic terms; theirs is growth as an end in itself for capital accumulation; theirs is deregulation and privatization which will increase unemployment and not result in decent work; theirs is to respond to prescripts which largely are informed by economic theory of market forces which cannot address the developmental and redistributive nature of the economy which is required if we are to deal with inequality and poverty and to progressively return wealth to the people in a manner that they begin to feel there is a qualitative change in their lives.

We call upon those in the National Assembly to support the ANC amendment to the motion as the only rationale way to deal with the concerns raised by the motion.

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