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Input by Hon N Mthethwa Minister of Arts and Culture on the Vote of confidence counter-motion

8 August 2017, Parliament

One of the ramifications of a unipolar world order is the imperialist machination of demanding regime-change in countries in the Global South.

Often, this is the removal from office of those heads of state and government who refuse to kowtow to the reactionary interests of an oppressive global hegemony.

Similarly, the call for regime change in South Africa today is a ploy to destabilise, to subvert and undermine our democratic order, and to plunge our country into a constitutional crisis that would discredit the governing party and create a strategic gap for the ascendency of reactionary forces, through the backdoor.

They seek the backdoor because they are not democrats.

They seek the backdoor because as true agents of apartheid, together with their Bantustan stooges and puppets on the left of the House, they long for the days of minority rule, the dark days when a small illegitimate handful could boss the people around, and tell us how high to jump.

They seek the backdoor because what they fail to win through the ballot, they want to hijack through the reactionary instrument of regime-change.

We know very well that their target is not the President alone.

They have no confidence in the people, and because democracy is poetic justice, the people have no confidence in them.

Therefore their target is our democracy in its entirety.

a. This is the same government that has had measures in place to grow and transform the economy through the Nine Point Plan. As a result of this plan, the energy crisis has largely been resolved and loadshedding is a thing of the past.
b. In its commitment to bringing about prosperity to all, this is the same government that has put in place a 14-point recovery plan, following broad consultations with various stakeholders, in order to unlock economic growth and to rehabilitate business and consumer confidence. We can point to increased potential foreign direct investment projects from about R45 billion to R130 billion. We can point to increased sales of manufactured value-added exports to emerging and traditional markets from R900 million to R12 billion.
c. This is the same government whose proactive and progressive policies have seen the overall health of South Africans improving, with life expectancy having increased by 6 years.
d. This is the same government whose commitment to corruption is above reproach. The number of persons convicted for corruption has more than doubled between 2013 and 2017, from 52 to 110. South Africa is also improving its ranking on the corruption perception index.
e. This is the same government that has ensured that the basic education system has been on an upward trend, with the matric pass rate improving 72.5% in 2016, up from 70.7% in 2015. Similarly, youths who obtained the National Senior Certificate have increased from 45% in 2014 to 56% in 2016.
f. Similarly, this is the same government that can point to an increase in university enrolments, the number of students funded, the steady increase in the number of engineering graduates as well as the number of artisans qualifying.
g. This is the same government that has ensured that 17 million beneficiaries receive social grants as part of the comprehensive fight against the scourge of poverty. Hon. Speaker these are but a handful of government's successes.

The stooges and their bosses are targeting the People's Assembly because they think this is their Tricameral Parliament. This is not your Tricameral Parliament, and the ANC is not your Bantustan playground.

We've got news for you. The ANC is united, solid, resilient and vibrant.

The ANC will resolve its own internal dynamics because we have time-tested systems and processes that define and refine our forward march.

At 105 years old, the ANC is the oldest liberation movement that still stands, and the ANC will not be lectured by the upstarts and start-ups to my left.

Hon. Speaker, on behalf of the overwhelming majority of our people, the ANC rejects and repudiates this reactionary motion.

We have confidence in the people.

We have confidence in the duly elected Head of State and Government, Cde Jacob Zuma.

We have confidence in the democratic Government of the Republic.

We do not have confidence in the stooges and their bosses.

Thank you.

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