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Another frivolous motion by the Democratic Alliance

05 September 2017

The National Assembly will today waste 85 minutes which could have gone to dealing with substantive matters affecting the lives of the poor majority of South Africans discussing a frivolous motion by the Democratic Alliance to dissolve the National Assembly. This petty move is indicative of their lack of respect towards our democracy and the electorate of South Africa who expressed their will in the 2014 general elections by mandating the ANC to govern the country until the next general elections.

This careless stunt by the DA comes a few weeks after they failed to remove the ANC as a popularly elected government through another frivolous motion which was defeated by the ANC.

The irony of this particular motion is that it exposes the contradictions within the DA itself with members of the DA lobbying the ANC to vote against it in this afternoon's vote.
Even their coalition partners have distanced themselves from this desperate move.

The DA is proving once more than it has no interest in being part of the solution in addressing the challenges we are faced with as a country but would rather abuse the Constitution in the desperate desire of having early elections with the hope that it will result in a coalition government. Ironically, the DA has just been dumped by its coalition partners in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality and in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality because they have no regard for anybody except themselves.

Interestingly, this motion coincides with the DA's decision to reappoint the ardent racist Diane Kohler-Barnard as deputy shadow Minister for Police. By reappointing an ardent racist like Kohler-Barnard the DA makes a mockery of the very values that bind us as South Africans. Values that include a non-racial, non-sexist society where everyone lives with human dignity. Kohler-Barnard's "shadow-like" tactics have landed her in hot water when she leaked confidential information pertaining to the hearings of the former minister of communications to a journalist of the Durban based newspaper -The Post.

From hero-worshiping apartheid era human rights criminals, to leaking sensitive information that can harm the safety of citizens, to spurious motions to dissolve parliament; in effect destabilising the country - the DA is a political party hell-bent on bringing regime change to South African shores, and will stop at nothing to accomplish this feat.

Issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip
Nonceba Mhlauli
Media Liaison Officer
072 623 3462

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