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Condolence motion on twelve people killed by Typhoon Hato in China

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) notes that the southern Chinese region around Hong Kong was hit by a deadly Typhoon Hato storm on Wednesday 23 August 2017;
2) further notes that the death toll as a result of the most powerful storm in half a century has risen to twelve people;
3) also notes that 153 people were injured amidst extensive flooding, power outages caused by the high winds and driving rain;
4) recalls that the city of Hong Kong saw its strongest storm in 1962 when the eye of typhoon Wanda which killed 130 people, destroyed thousands of residential huts, and leaving 72,000 people homeless;
5) understands that almost two million households lost power temporarily, while fishing boats were called back to port and train services and flights suspended;
6) further understands that almost 27,000 people were evacuated to emergency shelters;
7) stands in solidarity with the Chinese nation during their difficult times; and
8) conveys its condolences to the President of the Republic of China, the families of the deceased and the Chinese nation.

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