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Sabre rattling and Wanton threats by US on Venezuela

TE Kenye

The ANC has observed, with utmost concern, the military threats by the US President to Venezuela under the guise of rescuing its people. The society of Venezuela has a right to choose and practice its own political, social and economic system, including changes thereof according to its own democratically created values. History has proven that no resolution of political differences and even conflicts through military means has ever been sustainable.

We cannot ignore the will of the Venezuelans with reference to acknowledgement and respect of President Maduro as being a democratically elected leader by the majority in Venezuela whether anyone partially or outrightly disagrees with his leadership. Should we also be reminded about the rampant practice of weapons of mass deception and manufactured consent that is used to mislead and manipulate the minds of the ordinary people and the less suspecting?

The ANC unequivocally demands respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela as guided by its time -tested values and leaders. Peaceful co-existence and cooperation amongst nations - as contained in the statutes of the UN - must reign supreme globally. This obviously includes non-interference amongst countries due to political differences. The sabre rattling by the US without dissuasion by its allies is not just unfortunate but typical of what imperialism does consistently.

I thank you

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