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Human Settlement has committed R188m for Johannesburg Inner City Housing

D Senokoanyane

The ANC Government has recommitted itself to doubling its efforts to enhance the capacity of local Government and citizens to work together to promote and achieve spatial and social integration by revitalising inner cities. We must commend the Human Settlements department's recommitment of R188 million funds to the City of Johannesburg for the development of housing in the inner city. This is in addition to the R136.5 million the city has already committed to housing developments in the inner city for the 2017/2018 financial year. This funding, will assist and enable the City of Johannesburg to deal with its housing challenge, and backlog of 300 000 units.

This initiative indicates that the ANC Government is prepared to work with other spheres of Government irrespective of who governs whatever sphere, in its pursuit of bringing a better life for all, by ensuring accommodation and housing developments are near places of work. The ANC is encouraged by the cooperation of the different spheres of Government working together, to build houses for our people and finding solutions to the city's housing challenges, especially in the inner city areas. This initiative and many others, should become South Africa's new normality, and should be encouraged.

I thank you

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