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ANC outraged over Shoprite Workers' 'Punishment'

S Shope-Sithole

The ANC is concerned by the reported punishment suffered by Shoprite employees in Cape Town for allegedly stealing. Seven female workers, including a pregnant woman, are reported to have been arrested and publicly humiliated for allegedly stealing at the store. They were handcuffed and put on display to the public for hours. Incidentally, the charges against them were for receiving and accepting tips from customers who have demonstrated appreciation for these employees' services. Six of those seven workers have since been fired.

This form of intimidation of the victims is not only unconstitutional, but it also resembles the brand of power and control that reproduces racist, classist and gendered forms of violence. Shoprite has been known for the unsatisfactory remuneration of its employees. The workers claimed that they earn an average of R20 per hour, which is just over R2000 per month. Thus ranking them amongst the lowest paid workers in the industry.

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