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The ANC Welcomes the Wage Increase for EPWP Workers

LN Mjobo

The Expanded Public Works Programme, an ANC Government initiative aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment through the provision of training and short to medium term labour intensive work opportunities to the poor and unemployed South Africans. We have seen success is making these small yet significant strides in addressing poverty alleviation and job creation.

Therefore, the ANC views the increase of the minimum wage for all Expanded Public Works Programme participants from R83.59 to R88.00 per day or per task in line with the current inflation rate, with came into effect from 1st November 2017, as a positive step, as it significantly boosts the socio-economic conditions of the EPWP participants.

The ANC believes that the Expanded Public Works Programme continues to play a significant role in uplifting the lives of EPWP participants and communities, through the creation of work opportunities and providing much needed services under the EPWP sectors such as infrastructure, non-State, environment & culture sector, as well as the social sectors. The impact is noticeable through the assets created by, and skills provided to participants.

I thank you

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