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The ANC Welcomes the New Vehicles to Beef up Border Protection

N Mnisi

The ANC is committed to strengthening South Africa's border controls with a view to improve security as well as managing immigration effectively. As the ANC we therefore welcome the announcement of the South African National Defence Force to launch new Mobility Package vehicles that will be used for border protection across the country to assist in improving protection at the borders.

The ANC believes this will allow a relatively small force to use a high mobility cross-country vehicle that can be easily maneuvered to effectively cope with the situation at hand. The initial roll-out of the new vehicles will start at the KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique border, and will be followed by the Mpumalanga and Mozambican border and then the Limpopo and Zimbabwean border.

The ANC welcomes this initiative which gives effect to our manifesto's aim of improving security at our borders, especially as we approach the festive season.

I thank you

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