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Claims of Nepotism against DA Council Official

SR Van Schalwyk

The African National Congress learned with shock the allegations of nepotism and tender manipulation involving the City of Cape Town's transport and urban development authority commissioner Melissa Whitehead. We have always known the Democratic Alliance's righteous behavior is a superficial one. It is alleged that Whitehead has awarded a tender without following due process and placed her friends, a wife and husband, in higher job positions earning R1.8 and R1.5 Million per annum respectively. We have learned that the ANC in the council has a dossier detailing evidence of alleged corruption and nepotism including images of Whitehead and her friends on an overseas holiday in 2015 before the tender negotiations started.

The allegations follow the Sunday Times's article alleging that Whitehead threatened and coerced members of the city's bid evaluation committee for the foreshore freeway precinct to award the tender to a particular entity. It is further alleged that Whitehead was involved in unfairly advantaging this company to secure a R249-million tender to manufacture 11 electric buses. The double standards of the DA shows that their outrage over corruption is selective. We shouldn't be surprised as that superficiality of moral righteousness is evident in everything they do. The ANC calls on the DA to take action and prove it is serious when it says it fights corruption. Practice what they Preach!

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