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The DA Battle in Gauteng Gets Ugly

D Senokonyane

The ANC is taken aback by the revelation of the Democratic Alliance's vicious battle for the leadership of the DA in Gauteng, which is said to be turning ugly, with allegations of dirty tricks in the run-up to the elective conference this weekend. This stems from a party that portrays itself as a moral and ethical in our current society, intent on achieving power in Gauteng and South Africa in 2019.

That the DA leaders can ferociously fight for positions of power and leak party secret documents, it seems they also have slates which indicate preferences for positions. The Gauteng slate is pitted against some in the DA's parliamentary caucus, and in one slate, it is alleged there are vultures set to oust Solly Msimanga in favour of party newcomer Ghaleb Cachalia.

While Mr. Mmusi Maimane has been busy studying ANC material and literature to obtain evidence to attack the ANC, it would seem he has, in the interim, ignored his own party's dirty campaign against their own members!

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