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Hawks Arrest Cape Town Law Enforcement Officer Found With 'Gang-Linked' Mandrax

A Molebatsi

The ANC is deeply concerned about the increase in cases of police involvement in criminal activities especially in the Western Cape. This came to light after the arrest of the law enforcement officer with the City of Cape for allegedly being found with 41 000 mandrax tablets worth about R1.9m on Tuesday night, 07 November 2017. The drugs are believed to belong to a high-profile suspected gang boss in Bellville South, an area regarded as a stronghold of the Sexy Boys gang, who are heavily involved in such nefarious activities.

Once again, the arrest of this police suspect is as a result of active citizens participating in reporting suspicious criminal activities. The Hawks had received a tip off and found the drugs in two vehicles on the property. The ANC believes that though the networks of crime have grown in their reach and sophistication, including syndicates that deal with money laundering, human and drug trafficking and abuse, our police seem to be making inroads into stamping out these syndicates The ultimate aim of the ANC Government is to eliminate some of the conditions that breed social crime and these arrests of criminals is a step towards reaching that goal, working together can do more.

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