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Speech by Hon. D. Mnguni "The provision of quality education, skills development and innovation is a fundamental tenet for the attainment of a developmental state"

14 November 2017

Speaker/ House Chair, Since 1994, the ANC led government has made a significant progress in addressing the triple socio-economic and development challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality, and thereby achieving a better life for all South Africans.

A greater number of our people and households have access to basic infrastructure and services such as:

As the ANC, we continue to reach out to many more South Africans who still require access to basic services, infrastructure, and improved sustainable livelihoods, as well as with the objective of developing integrated and sustainable communities.

We have also made great strides in the building of a socially inclusive and cohesive nation. However, despite these changes, we are aware that there are still many of our citizens who still live in poverty.

Racism and inequality continues to remain a stubborn developmental obstacle to the achievement of socio-economic equity, in our country.

It is for these reasons that the ANC is implementing the programme for radical socio economic transformation aimed at ending poverty, unemployment and inequality.

There are initiatives taken towards quality Early Childhood Development for All

The ECD programme provides services related to care, stimulation to children and learning to socialise in a structured environment. In this regard, Cabinet approved the Integrated ECD Policy confirming ECD as a public good. In preparation for implementation, National Treasury allocated an amount of R812 million for improving ECD infrastructure and increasing the children subsidy. To date, more than 1.4 million children are accessing ECD services while there are more than 28 thousands ECD centres registered in the country.

All provinces were orientated on the ECD Policy and Programmes to ensure better implementation. The Department of Social Development is also praised by the ANC with the continuation of creating a conducive environment for the training of ECD practitioners towards the minimum NQF Level 4 qualification.

We support the initiatives of the Government to:

The state must ensure that it is compulsory for all public buildings to be easily accessible by people with disability, implement policies and protect this section of the community. This therefore calls for an integrated approach that promote the participation of people with disabilities at all levels of the movement and in all spheres of government
Whilst ensuring continuation of mainstreaming people with disability and establishing full services in the schools, we must prioritise the establishment of special needs schools for specific disabilities where the need arises.

We must also develop mechanisms at the ECD level in order to be able to detect the development needs and challenges of a child at an early age and also consider the establishment of a commission or a structure focusing on people with disability.

Initiatives taken towards resourcing and implementing of the Three Stream Model with an emphasis of ensuring the alignment with the developmental needs of the country.

By 2030, South Africans should have access to education and training of the highest quality, leading to significantly improved learning outcomes. The performance of South African learners in international standardised tests should be comparable to the performance of learners from countries at a similar level of development and with similar levels of access."

The education system in SA should build a inclusive society, providing equal opportunities and helping all South Africans to realise their full potential, particularly those previously disadvantaged by apartheid policies, namely black people, women and people with disabilities."

We are aware that South Africa loses half of every cohort that enters the school system by the end of the 12-year schooling period, wasting significant human potential and harming the life-chances of many young people. Secondary school completion rates are 77% in the United States, 87% (to the age of 16) in the UK and 93% in Japan. South Africa aim for a comparable completion rate of between 80 - 90%

As the ANC we support the Department of Basic Education plans to increase the number to 300 000 by 2024, with 350 000 learners passing mathematics and 320 000 learners passing physical science. The Commission proposes a target for 2030 of 450 000 learners being eligible for bachelors programme with maths and science. Action is required throughout the education system, but particularly in early childhood development given that the cohort that will enter university in 2030 has not yet started primary school. Consideration should be given to expanding the Dinaledi Schools initiative, which increases access to maths and science in underprivileged schools

The concept 'Three Stream Model' is a product of a roundtable discussion that was initiated in 2015 which the ANC appreciate. The concept is aligned to the principles used to measure the performance of the education system, which are:

Access and Efficiency
Redress & Equity;
Quality; and

Using of this model is to mediate the high dropout rate of leaners from the basic schooling system by increasing the learner retention to 90 per cent and allowing for an increase of the number of learners entering vocational and occupational pathways.

The model seeks to create various career pathways opportunities to all learners in order to deal with skills shortage which contribute negatively to the on-going low vacancies, and reduced productivity. They are academic technical vocational and technical occupational streams:

Time is not on my side to explain them in full my dear opposition. I'm prepared to give you a free lecture on them should you send a please call me on your spare time.

Initiatives taken to ensuring the output of qualified and experienced practitioners and teachers from institutions of higher learning

We have noted a large demand for teacher training in priority areas such as the Foundation Phase - literacy and numeracy and Grade 10 - 12. A number of teachers still find it difficult to access such training from existing Teacher Centres in some subjects like accounting, science, technology and maths giving the fact that now we are moving to the forth industrial revolution, my collegue will talk about that in details later.

The following pointers should be looked at for skills development and quality education more especially in the existing teacher centres to determined their abilities in teacher development :

Concluding Remarks

The district should provide:

We are aware that teacher development programmes are not unfolding at a pace we expect, however we took the initiative to make it a collaborative exercise where stakeholders like SACE, NGO's, HI's and teacher unions like SADTU, are playing a pivotal role in various provinces

South Africans, Building of a new creation is easy because you use your own innovations and ideas and only those you will serve with your creation will feel comfortable. But Fixing the creation that is already in existance, is daunting. The ANC is fixing a well orchestrated ideology of Education planned and implemented 300 years ago by many of these members forefathers and was once implemented by some of them here ,and it is still haunting us in this house and South Africans in general.

Nina EFF angati nibafunani labantfu. Basenta saba busy eskoleni for nothing. Basifundzisa bo head, thorax and abdomen in insects like locusts labangasiti ndzawo. While bona bafunza kukhopha nge technology and get wealth

You DA and FF plus members, should be throwing stones to your forefathers graves of this mess. Helping us in the process by Asking the monopolised big businesses to assist in the black townships and rural areas education to share skills rather than being big mouther's here and disturb our exams writing learners with that #blackMonday protest


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