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Motion on Kentse Mpolokeng Being the Youngest UCT Lecturer and First Black Female Lecturer in the Human Biology Department

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) notes that Kentse Mpolokeng is the youngest lecturer at UCT and the first black female lecturer in the human biology department;
2) remembers that the 26-year-old Kentse's humble beginnings in her Free State home town of Bethlehem shaped her hunger to succeed;
3) understands that she attended public schools but that did not deter her from achieving academically;
5) believes that she wanted to be in the medical sciences but was not admitted into the medical programme and continued with a BScin human biology majoring in anatomy;
6) believes that her humble beginnings and hard work will serve as an inspiration to many young people; and
7) congratulates Ms Kentse on her determination and success.

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