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Motion Congratulating UCT Proffessor for Winning Prestigious Award

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) notes that the University of Cape Town's Professor, Heather Zar, a physician and scientist, has been declared one of the 2018 L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Laureates;
2) further notes that she has won this prestigious award for her wide-ranging contributions to child health care;
3) also notes that Professor Zar has been recognised for her work on child health in Africa, and has triumphed above several other opponents from the Middle East and Africa;
4) recognises that the prestigious award is awarded annually, and contestants are chosen from Africa and the Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean;
5) also recognises that Professor Zar now joins the likes of past laureates Valerie Mizrahi, Jennifer Thomson, Tebello Nyokong, Jill Farrant, and Quarraisha Abdool Karim, and is the only South African women in science to have won the prestigious award;
6) believes that her contributions to child health has improved and saved children's lives across the globe, as well as helping to shape international policy;
7) thanks her for her outstanding work and for putting South Africa onto the world stage; and
8) wishes her much more success in her future endeavours

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