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South African Cuban trained doctors boost rural health

WB Maphanga

The ANC is working tirelessly to ensure that South Africans have access to comprehensive quality health care services irrespective of their socio-economic status. As the ANC we believe that a health co-operation agreement between South Africa and Cuba is helping a great deal in addressing South Africa's shortage of rural doctors. The medical training programme seeks to address the shortage of doctors in the country by sending young aspirant doctors from poor communities for medical training at a Cuban university. Since the inception of the programme in 1996, 590 doctors have qualified and are now working in the rural communities from where they come from.

Currently, there are 302 medical students who are being trained in Cuba, studying to become medical doctors, an opportunity they might not have had, had it not been for this programme,

This ANC believes the programme will produce a large number of doctors, who will make a huge difference in the rural communities. The success and impact of this programme is drawing the attention of first world countries, because of the high quality of medical training that the Cubans offer.

I thank you

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