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Motion congratulating UCT student for winning National award for water-less urinals project

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) congratulate Tinashe Chipako for winning the 2018 South African Institution of Civil Engineering National Investigative Project Showdown for South African universities;
2) notes that he won the competition for his project which investigated the "feasibility of implementing waterless urinals on UCT's upper campus;
3) further notes that the competition is described as a showcase of the country's best emerging engineers;
4) understands that Chipako was among a quartet of final-year students working on urine research projects as part of Dr. Dyllon Randall's newly established urine research field in the Department of Civil Engineering;
5) realises that the assignments demonstrated the benefits of waterless urinals, not to only save vast quantities of water but to recover valuable, sustainable resources from what is referred to as 'liquid gold'; and
6) wishes Tinashe Chipako more success in his future endeavours.

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