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Three killed in feud over Athlone-Langa taxi route

MP Sibande

House Chair, the ANC is concerned of the recent taxi violence at Langa township, which claimed the lives of three people with nine others wounded recently. We learned that the conflict resulted from the Athlone taxi route causing tension between the Langa-Athlone group and Langa-Township group. We are pleased that a suspect is arrested in relation to the murders by a specialised Task Team who had been assigned to the case.

The ANC calls upon the Taxi operators, taxi associations and taxi owners to find ways to resolve their disputes without resorting to violence and war. We are concerned about the innocent commuters and bystanders who might be caught in the crossfire. Many citizens depend on the use of taxis to get to work and school. If this problem recurs, many workers will be forced to stay at home, losing income, which will in turn negatively impact on the lives of their families. Taxi bosses and all the stakeholders involved must urgently find ways to communicate constructively to find solutions to their problems.

I thank you

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