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Farmer held for worker assault

M J Wolmarans

The ANC is outraged and deeply disappointed by the latest reported incident of racism during which a Herbertsdale farmer allegedly drove his tractor several times into the home of a farm dweller. Hilton Levendal and his partner Maria Herbersdal were allegedly assaulted by the farm owner on February 25 while they were collecting wood at a nearby river. It is reported that the farmer drove his tractor into their house, destroying it and injuring the farm dwellers. It is believed that the farmer has been trying to evict Hilton and his family from his farm for about a year now and had been victimizing them consistently.

The ANC views this allegation very serious and calls for a full investigation into this matter. Farmworkers still bear the brunt of racism, exploitation, abuse and violence all over the country. Racism can no longer be tolerated in our society. Its head must be struck where ever it shows itself. Any person or business practicing racism whether overt or covert must suffer the consequences. The law must be seen upholding the rights of farmworkers who are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable South Africans. We also call on farm communities, farmers and workers, black and white to oppose all discrimination.

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