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Condolences motion on the family members killed by a cop who subsequently killed himself

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) notes that Mitchell's Plain police detective shot and killed his girlfriend and her mother before turning the gun on himself at the girlfriend's Lentegeur home, on Thursday morning , 01 March 2018;
2) further notes that the father of Brooks' girlfriend is the only survivor in the trajectory;
3) understands that the police used smoke grenades to enter the house when they found the three bodies inside;
4) believes that all the alleged shootings took place in the bedrooms in the Lentegeur home;
5) recalls that Brooks is divorced and has been dating his girlfriend for a few years.
6) further understands that Detective Sergeant Granville Brooks, 41, attended detective training in Oudtshoorn and on his return home on Wednesday night an argument broke out between his partner and himself; and
7) conveys its condolences to the deceased families.

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