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Debate by Honourable F Mahlalela on The plight of foreign qualified Medical doctors who find themselves ineligible to sit for the HPCSA board exams

13 March 2018:

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The plight of foreign qualified Medical doctors who find themselves ineligible to sit for the Health Professions Council of South Africa board exams.

Registration of persons who hold qualifications obtained outside South Africa and not regulated by country-to-country arrangement like the Mandela-Castro Scholarship in Cuba is regulated through regulations emerging from the Health Professions Act of 1974.

  • Shall, before registration, furnish the board with authoritative information on the education, training and the duration of study required for that qualification and, if the board considers the standard of such education and training and the duration thereof to be satisfactory, the council may accept such qualification; and
  • May be required to pass, to the satisfaction of the board, an examination or evaluation in terms of Section 25 (2) of the Act in the profession for which he or she applies for registration.

It's as true fact that the Health Professions Council has of late experienced an increase in the number of applicants from South African citizens who out of their own, go out to study medicine in countries outside South Africa where no country-to-country arrangements exists. A significant portion of them unfortunately come back to South Africa after obtaining basic medical education which does not incorporate internship which is one of the requirement for medical doctors to be recognised as a qualified doctors.

It's our understanding that there are no applicants who meet the standard as required by the Health Profession Act advisor

Regulation have been prevented from writing the board examination.

We know that currently there are 185 South African who have graduated from foreign destitutions and still need internship of which six (6) of them have passed the board examination and need to do internship. These graduates have studied at Clinics, Malaysia, Mauritius, Romania, Sudan, Russia, and Ukraine

Health Professions Councils have not been enforcing the regulation pertaining to the doctors with foreign qualification since its existence in 2009. All graduates who have applied to write the board examination in May 2018, will be required by law to supply the council will all documentations including proof of internship and the certificate of good standing.

We urge the Council to build necessary capacity be that the processing of the application is not dragged for a long time. We also urge the applicants to coorperate with the Council and provide it the necessary information and documentations.

I thank you!

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