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Motion congratulating Anaso Jobodwana for winning 150m race

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) congratulates Anaso Jobodwana for winning 150m race at the Athletix Grand Prix event in Pretoria on Thursday night, 08 March 2018;
2) notes that Anaso Jobodwana comfortably beat the world 100m champion Justin Gatlin who was regarded as the favourite in that race;
3) further notes that Gatlin (American) was regarded as the favourite, despite the fact that 150m was unfamiliar distance for him;
4) also notes that Gatlin trailed in fourth position, as Roscoe Engel came through in second position, and Luxolo Adams third position;
5) respects Anaso's gut to withstand the pressure of being seen as the under dong to America's Gatlin, and by proven the speculators wrong by winning the race;
6) commends Anaso on his sterling performance and achievement in that race;
7) wishes him more success in his future endeavors.

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