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Gugulethu a No-Go zone as housing feud goes on over houses

V Bam - Mugwanya

The ANC calls upon the communities to engage with their public representatives regularly and discuss the issues of housing and land in order to find better solutions, and not take the law into their own hands. We strongly believe that the sporadic protests over the housing issue are not assisting in solving the problem. In saying that, we condemn the Gugulethu unrest where land invasions escalated to vandalism, looting and burning of the Post Office building in NY 112. It is believed that the protesters, mainly backyard dwellers, occupied the land belonging to local businessmen which was earmarked for development. Illegal structures were erected on a piece of land in wards 41 and 40 but were subsequently demolished by the City of Cape Town's anti-land invasion unit which led to the actions mentioned above.

The ANC understands that the demands for land are legitimate and is a key factor in addressing the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Our people need land for housing, for farming and for businesses. We do not however, condone the use of violence when protesting for services. We respect everyone's right to protest, but the violence and malicious damage of property cannot be condoned. We call upon the city of Cape Town to address this key issue of our people in the Western Cape who do not have access to housing, through all the legal means available.

I thank you

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