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Political Party Funding Debate: Hon Doris Dlakude the Deputy Chief Whip of the ANC

27 March 2018

Honourable Speaker
His Excellency the Deputy President
Honourable Members
Distinguished Guest

Honourable speaker,
In the first instance, allow me to convey our heart - felt condolences to the family of a fallen solder of our revolution, a mother, a sister, a friend and most of all a true cadre of the African National Congress, the late Hon Fezeka Sister Loliwe, may her soul rest in eternal peace "DEATH BE NOT PROUD"

The ANC declared 2018 a centenary celebration of our global icon, founding father of our hard-earned democracy UTATA NELSON MANDELA and a liberation fighter, a great daughter of the African soil who dedicated her life to a struggle for the emancipation of women, Imbokodo UMAMA ALBERTINA SISULU.

The ANC reaffirm its commitment in continuously dealing with any form of corruption, money laundering and any other related unethical conduct in both public and private institutions. As the THUMA MINA train in motion captained by His Excellency President Ramaphosa, I am reminded of the quote by Argentine President Raul Alfonsin when he said
"I did things I wouldn't have done had it not been for the fear of instability, and I didn't do things I would (Otherwise) have done, because I had the obligation to consolidate democracy"

Honourable Speaker/ Members

The African National congress in its 52nd National Conference held in Polokwane took a conscience resolution that

"The ANC should champion the introduction of a comprehensive system of public funding of representative political parties in the different spheres of government and civil society organisations, as part of strengthening the tenets of our new democracy. This should include putting in place an effective regulatory architecture for private funding of political parties and civil society groups to enhance accountability and transparency to the citizenry."

Today's subject matter coincides with, inter alia, the founding values of our hard-earned democracy which struggle heroes and heroines fought and advocated for, as enshrined in the constitution

I quote
Universal adult suffrage, a national common voters roll, regular elections and multi-party system of democratic government, to ensure accountability, responsiveness and openness

Honourable Speaker

Political party funding is one vital aspect of party politics that seeks to protect, promote and support sustainable democracy and ultimately jealously guard the sovereignty of the Republic.


Public allocation should go only to parties that publish comprehensive audited financial statements on the annual basis covering all transactions. These financial statements should cover expenditure and use of funds for all activities of the party and subsidiary bodies whether- financed by public funds or other sources. The income side of the audited statement must ensure compliance with the disclosure rules in respect of private finance. Political parties must be subjected to provisions that ordinarily face other institution in a democratic society.

Funding must be withheld from parties that fail to comply with the provisions and more serious penalties should be considered for gross violation.

Chapter 9 of the constitution ensured the establishment of the independent institutions to support and protect our democracy, amongst others, of those institution is the IEC which since the dawn of our democracy, it has been discharging its constitutional mandate with distinctions in ensuring transparent, free and fair elections.

We therefore, propose that the administration and establishment of the multi-party funds, Represented Political Party Fund (RPPF) and the regulation of the private funding to political parties be administered by the IEC.

Honourable Speaker/ Members

Currently the limited nature of public funding for core party activities lead to extensive reliance on private donations, not only are various sources of financing fungible making the efficacy of requirement in respect of public funding suspect- but the reliance on private funding fuels the perception that anonymous donations from business interest are a mean to subvert democratic processes, promote factionalism in parties, dilute the voice of citizens and undermine the constitution.

Honourable Speaker

Increasing public funding could be warranted as part of a programme to strengthen democracy, build transparency and accountability, and ensure that all political parties achieve financial sustainability in a manner that is ethical, lawful and predictable.

Honourable Speaker

In his court judgement, (Judge MEER J) in the Western Cape High Court (27 September 2017) in the case between "My Vote Count NPC" and President of the Republic of South Africa and others. Judge MEER alluded to the fact that information about private funding of political parties and independent ward candidates registered for elections for any legislative body established under the constitution is reasonably required for the effective exercise of the right to vote in such election and make political choices, in terms of section 19(1) 19(3), 32 and 7(2) of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996

He further declared the invalidity of Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 to be suspended for 18 months in order to allow Parliament to remedy the defects in PAIA and allow for the recordal and disclosure of private funding of political parties.

As Parliament, we have complied to the court order and met the constitutional requirement of section 236 which state that to enhance multi- party democracy, national legislation must provide for the funding of political parties participating in national and provincial legislatures on an equitable and proportional basis.

Honourable Speaker

We equally note the objection and resistance of the hypocritical Democratic Alliance on the proposed Bill, their objection clearly confirms the long standing public perception that the DA is funded by foreign agencies which are in pursued of their selfish agenda which undermine the electorate and the effort of the ANC to eradicate inequality and building a non- racial society and prosperous South Africa.

If the public perception about the DA is untrue, the question to the DA is, why refusing financial transparency and accountability to the public?

Honourable Speaker in Conclusion

Allow me to commend the Ad-hoc committee that was mandated by this august house for the job well done.

As the ANC, we further reiterate our commitment to the vision of a united, non-racial, non-sexiest, democratic and prosperous South Africa as enshrined in the Freedom Charter. These include the guarantee of the fundamental human rights of all South African, reinforced by an entrenched Bill of Rights, a multi-party system of government, a representative and in depended judiciary and regular elections.

We are conscious that these rights will be meaningless without the fundamental transformation of the economy to serve the interest of the people and far-reaching transformation in the arears of land distribution.

We call all South Africans to be part of these new dawn of unity and renewal.


Thank you

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