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The role of Science and Technology in the developing world

N Koornhof

Developments in Science and Technology are fundamentally altering the way people live and connect with profound effects on economic development. Science and Technology is the key driver to make a country a better place to live in. The extent to which developing economies emerge as economic powerhouses depends on their ability to grasp and apply insights from Science and Technology and to use them creatively. Innovation drives growth and growth drives higher living standards. The Honourable President highlighted the importance of Science and Technology in the SONA debate, so it is time for the public and the private sector to increase S and T funding, because successful countries must grow their ability to innovate. Science and Technology cannot make the difference it should without funding. South Africa should strive to increase its funding to 2% of the GDP, the results will be amazing.

We should improve the quality of science journalism to popularize the importance of S and T and to convince the population that Science and Technology does not fall from the sky, if you do not invest in innovation and research, you will not be a winning nation. We need to cultivate a new vision of science, we need more proactive scientists to assist in policy making, the role of science in society and governance has never been more important. South Africa is the leader on the Continent, we do have the infrastructure and leadership, lets invest to become the leading developing country of the World and let us never take Science and Technology for granted.

I thank you

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