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Public Order Policing units to serve and protect

JJ Maake

The ANC welcomes the unveiling of the national Public Order Policing reserve units as part of the efforts to stamp the authority of the state. The new units have been capacitated with state-of-the-art equipment, such as new generation Nyalas, water cannons, vehicles, video cameras and protective gear. In addition, the officers deployed to the units will undergo a vigorous training process, which includes crowd management. This will enable the police to mitigate situations in respect of crowd management and violent community protests in the country.

The full implementation of the Public Order Policing reserve units' enhancement and capacitation process will result in four established national reserve units and 50 provincial units, with a staff compliment of approximately 11 000 members.

The ANC is of the view that the unveiling of the national reserve units is an indication of the great strides its Government has ever taken to strengthen the existing Public Order Policing reserve units, to make them the best crowd management and public order policing components in the world. These officers will assist a great deal in handling crowd control with little police lethal use of ammunition. This initiative should be commended by us all.

I thank you

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