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Right of Kurdish people to freedom and justice

E Ebrahim

The ANC recognises that the Skyes-Picot agreement in redrawing the map of the Middle East failed to take into account all the geopolitical realities on the ground, resulting in the erasure of the Kurdish people on the revised map. The Kurdish people have a right to freedom, justice and equality. The civil wars in Iraq and Syria, and the rise of ISIS are the legacy of the redrawn maps. Kurdush people have a paid a high price to stop ISIS. The ANC is concern that Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdish people remains incarcerated on the Island of Imrali and is denied any contact with legal representatives and family for more than 3 years, and the recent spate of detentions of democratically elected Kurdish leaders by Turkey.

We support the democratisation of Rojava and the advance of women's' rights and we condemn the breaches of International law in the war against the people of Afrin. We call on Turkey to comply with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2401, unanimously adopted on 24 February 2018 for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria for 30 days, including Afrin. We also call upon on all parties to respect the international instruments which prohibit the targeting of civilians and infrastructure during war.

NATO should compel Turkey to seek peaceful solutions in Turkey and Afrin for the just attainment of peace for all people. Finally we urge the Turkish and Syrian Governments to seek peaceful solutions in the region, for the attainment of just peace for the Kurdish people.

I thank you

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