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Budget Vote 38 on Human Settlements by Cde Nkadimeng

Modula Setulo wa ntlo ye a hlomphegago

Letona la tsa kago ya mantlo, matona ka moka, le batlatsi ba bona.

Maloko a ntlo ye e hlomphegago

Baeng ba rena

Ke a le Dumedisa.

Kago ya mantlo ke peapeano mowe e mongwe le o mongwe elego tshia ya letsatsi leo.

Seo sebonagala ge mmuso woo o etilego pele ke ANC o tsweletsa mananego ao a sepelelanogo le dipolicy tsa gona, ka thelelo, bokgwari le bopepetla.

Creating integrated sustainable human settlements, restoring the dignity of our people, ensuring their security of tenure and promoting their participation in the economy is at the heart of the commitments of the African National Congress and its work.

To give life to these aspirations, the Department of Human Settlements is given a mandate and a budget to dismantle exclusionary spatial patterns of the past as highlighted by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his State of the Nation Address. It is no coincidence or not by chance that the ANC supports the budget allocated to this department. Instead, it is through empirical evidence and many successes (such as being World Acclaimed for housing provision for the poor) that the ANC wants the department to continue to implement programmes that bring about a lasting change and improve the quality of life for our people .

The 2018/19 budget allocations are an instrument for the ANC-led government to honour its commitments in the housing sector.

Radical Economic Transformation

In line with the agenda to radically transform the economy, it is encouraging to note that the Department of Human Settlements will continue to honour the RET agenda through having 30% set asides for designated groups. These set asides are located in the Human Settlement Development Grant and the Urban Settlements Development Grant of the department . This is one way how the department, through its budget allocation is contributing towards the inclusion of African women, men, youth and people with disabilities to participate in the economy. Financing of small and upcoming contractors through the National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency (which has a budget of R75.9 million in the 2018/19 financial year) also positively contributes to the Radical Economic Transformation agenda of the ANC-led government . Despite all these efforts by national government, it is disappointing to note that DA-led metros such as the City of Cape Town and Johannesburg have failed to spend their USDG and HSDG in order to uplift and upgrade informal settlements . This underspending questions the intention of these such metros as government labours towards providing adequate and integrated human settlements for our people country wide.

Upgrading of Informal Settlements

The African National Congress long-resolved to improve the living conditions of our people . Upgrading informal settlements lies at the centre of this commitment which has been reiterated in our 53rd and 54th national conference resolutions. So far, the Department of Human Settlements has successfully implemented informal settlement upgrade programmes in Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. This work was enabled by the USDG and HSDG allocations from programme four of the department, Housing Development Finance. We welcome the 90% budget allocation towards these grants in the 2018/19 financial year, as this will allow the crucial work of the Freedom Charter "Slums shall be demolished and new suburbs built where all have transport, roads, lighting, playing fields and social centres" to continue. It is encouraging to note that the National Upgrading Support Programme has been allocated R150m in the 2018/19 financial year. This allocation will go a long way in improving capacity and providing technical support to 119 municipalities in the planning and upgrading of informal settlements in the South Africa.

Provision of housing opportunities

We acknowledge that our people do not have full knowledge of these progressive finance initiatives aimed at ensuring that our people have housing opportunities and do not discriminate based on class or economic status and location. We urge the department to extend its reach and ensure awareness programmes are implemented so that our people can take full advantage of the housing opportunities provided by the ANC-led government.

We also urge the department to provide housing opportunities and improve the living conditions of backyard dwellers. These are people who can afford and are willing to pay for affordable rental accommodation which the Department of Human Settlements has done well in implementing. A recent success in this area is the launch of the R300 million Thembelihle Social Housing complex in Tshwane which will house over 2000 people in 733 mixed type accommodation .

Student Accommodation

The ANC-led government is a caring government that does not want its people to be without shelter. That is why the department has also responded to the call to provide student accommodation. The Department of Human Settlements, the Housing Development Agency and the Social Housing Regulatory Authority have funded the upgrade of buildings for student accommodation at Mangosuthu University of Technology and in Braamfontein. This USDG investment will ensure that 4000 students have accommodation in the next three years . We also welcome the collaboration between the Department of Human Settlements and the Department of Higher Education and Training to craft innovative strategies to resolve the issue of student accommodation in our country.

New Grant: Emergency Housing Grant

The ANC welcomes and commends the establishment or introduction of a new grant, the Emergency Housing Grant . This grant, which is an amount of approximately R500 million in the 2018/19 financial year, will assist the Department of Human Settlements to proactively respond to disaster related emergencies and ensure that our people are not left homeless or stranded during incidents such as that of Imizamo Yethu where the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Province have been found wanting when it comes to their response rates in disaster ridden informal settlements.

Opposition matters

We acknowledge with regret that the Western Cape is failing to spend on its USDG since its inception while we are having people at Imizamo Yethu without shelter and sanitation.

Asithandile-a wheelchair-bound resident in Kozovo at Fillipi Township, is not able to reach the toilets because of their poor condition.

Zukiswa-who has been living in the RR section of Khayelitsha since 1999, uses a bucket system during the day and at night inside her dwelling because she fears to go outside and use the external toilets.

This injustice happens under the DA led Western Cape Province that has only spent 25% of their USDG.

Bjale ka gore. DA ke bo mabina go solwa, legona ga ba tswafe gore mola pula e ena ba thega malwala gomme ba sila mo puleng.

Re kgopela kgoro ya mantlo gore ere thuse go rarolla Ngalaba ya taba ye ya Asithandile, le Zukiswa gape le badudi ba Imizamo Yethu.

Rele Mmuso woo o etilwego pele ke ANC, rere ge rere ke dipitsi, mebala ya tsona e bonagala dinangeng tsa lefase kamoka. Dinaga tsa lefase kamoka di tlotla Africa Borwa ka lefapheng la kago ya mantlo. Re ba kwele ge bare bea dipataka, ba bile ba re fa maemo a pele dinageng ka moka tsa lefase ge re be rele conferenseng ga la Quto

We thank all the ANC-led Provinces that have done well in housing provision especially Mpumalanga Province which is at position one.

Re a leboga

Once more, the ANC supports the budget vote.

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