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ANC Caucus condemns callous massacre of Palestinians by Israel

15 May 2018

The ANC Caucus is deeply saddened, shocked and condemns in the strongest possible terms the callous and cold-blooded killings by the Israel armed forces of over about 50 Palestinians and the injuring of over 2700 of the 35000 people who were part of the peaceful protest march against the opening of the historically provocative US Embassy in Jerusalem, yesterday, relocating it from Tel Aviv.

The ANC Caucus is in full support of the immediate withdrawal of South Africa's Ambassador to Israel, Mr Sisa Ngombane, until further notice. This is a mild but apt diplomatic response.

Our democratic Parliament believes that peaceful protest marches are a normal civic or political activity in the whole civilized world. There was absolutely no reason for the Israel armed forces to mercilessly mow down unarmed protesters in the Gaza Strip yesterday.

Today, the 15th of May, 2018 we stand in unflinching solidarity with the suffering Palestinians who commemorate 70 years of Nakba or Day of Catastrophe when in 1948, Israel forcefully occupied Palestinian territory, killed and exiled millions of Palestinians.
Sadly, the Nakba continues unabated as Israel resettles its people into Palestinian territories which is shrinking day by day.

We call for a cessation of hostilities, resumption of truthful and honest negotiations on the part of Israel and a peaceful coexistence of the State of Palestine and Israel.

As the ANC in Parliament, we will continue to work with our government and all progressive forces in the world for the liberation of Palestine to isolate the murderous Israel Apartheid regime.

Issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, Hon. Jackson Mthembu.
Nonceba Mhlauli

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