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Office of the Honourable Member of Parliament: Honourable D D Raphuti, Speech on Budget Vote 5 - Home Affairs

Hon Chairperson, Hon Members and distinguish guest and Fellow South Africans

We, the ANC supports the Budget Vote 5 of Home Affairs.

This year we celebrate the centenary of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Ntate Nelson Mandela. Most importantly, the 12 of May 2018, we celebrated International Nurses day and on the 13th Mother's Day and we dedicate this two days that is Nurses day and Mothers day to Mama Albertina Sisulu who would have turned 100 years and all other fallen heroes and heroines of the movement. (And my Mom, Mama Darling)

I will discuss about programme 2, citizen affairs which is been allocated R3.6 billions which is the most programme that has been allocated such budget. The purpose of this civic services is to ensure a efficient and accessible services and documents for citizen and ensure lawful documents for residents through the execution of the following core functions.

  • Management of legislation and records relating to issuance of identity documents, births,marriages, deaths, passports and travel documents.
  • Maintain secure accurate accessible system such as national population register(NPR). National identity sytem and related data.
  • Affirm and regulate official identity, civic status and the acquisition and the lost of the citizenship.
  • Provide access to secure and efficient services through an enabling documents.

From the State of the Nation Address, president Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned the following, five government priority areas which the department of Home Affairs plays a critical role in them.

  • Encouraging of investments
  • Creation of jobs especially for youth.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Address corruption.
  • Improve service delivery efficiency.
  • All that I have mentioned, Home Affairs facilitates in ensuring that all is being realized.

National development plan requires the department of Home Affairs to facilitate acquisitions of critical skills to facilitate the building of a capable state and playing a role in the regional development by working with SADC countries to improve the efficient secure and manage movement of the people.

It is with this in mind that the ANC wants to lead our people along a path that leads to a better, sustainable future of tireless, ethical and an innovative services.

At the ANC Policy and 54th National Conference, said committed ourselves to positioning Home Affairs as the backbone of security and service delivery. Under the Apartheid regime, the main objective of the department of Home Affairs was to control our people and deny them the right to citizenship, identity and freedom among other injustices.

With outmost pride and humility the department has been transformed and now provides dignity to our people by constantly promote and encourage mothers to register their babies within 90 days after birth. The Department has established service points in 221 hospitals where registration can take place. This gives access to citizens their rights enshrined in our beautiful Constitution.

Chairperson, Department of Home Affairs plays a pivotal role central to enabling security and service provision which all south Africans now can proudly claim their citizenship, their identity and dignity despite of the challenges we face.

On the resolution of the ANC at their 54th National conference on peace and stability on Home Affairs, the ANC resolved on point 4.2e that ANC Branched together with ANC councilors should develop and maintain ward profiles in order to account for all the residents in their respective wards and participate in the department of Home Affairs. However I will not mention them all, ANC supports the vision and the implementation of the African Union Protocol on free movement of persons, provided that is in-compliance With the South African laws. It is crucial that we must work with the government to ensure a stable and a peaceful South Africa and Africa at large. In the spirit of Ubuntu in a spirit of "thuma mina"- what are you doing for your community. Are you a builder or a destroyer- choose.

I Thank you

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