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Speech by Honourable M D Kekana on the occasion of the Department of Home Affairs budget vote for 2017/18 financial year on 16 May 2018

Thank you, chairperson

Hon Minister

Hon Deputy Minister

Hon Members

The department officials led by DG

Ladies and Gentlemen


Locating the mandate of the debate with the ANC 54th National Conference mandate and the year of Nelson Mandela's centenary

It is with a profound sense of responsibility that I stand before you on behalf of the ANC to support the Budget Vote for the 2017 / 2018 Financial Year. We know the duty we owe to our people to lead them along a path that leads to a magnificent and attainable future, to be tireless, ethical and innovative to deliver quality services in a manner that is convenient and enduring. Improving and through innovative ways how we deliver services is itself devoid of innovation and new ideas is being negated in practice in this Department that many people once resented visiting. The ANC government is re-positioning Home Affairs, as a modern, digital, secure custodian of national identity, responding to the present and future needs and circumstances and run by professionals, operating in a highly secure environment to protect the precious records of the lives of our people.

Under the apartheid regime, with its Bantustan offspring, the main objective of the department of home affairs was to control black people and deny them their citizenship, identity, dignity and freedom of movement. The national democratic revolution (NDR) seeks to ensure that every South African, especially the poor experience an improving quality of life. It seeks to build a developmental state shaped by the history and socio-economic dynamics of South African society.

Home affairs is the backbone of our national security, service delivery and development because it is the custodian of the unique identity of all citizens and documented foreigners residing in South Africa. Home affairs plays a crucial role in enabling all South Africans to proudly claim their citizenship, their identity and dignity. All modern social system in health, education, welfare, security, employment and banking services are depended on identities being secured. A developmental state is unable to meet its essential goals without a detailed and secure identification system that incorporates both citizens and non-citizens who live, work, and study within our boarders. The identification system is crucial for a range of social, economic and cultural activities, and to ensure that the state is empowered to organize itself; plan for the future and protect its citizens. A better and safe life for all South Africa's is only possible if we are integrated into the global community and if we develop together with our region

The DHA Vote is allocated R7, 915 billion in the 2018/19 financial year. Of this amount, R2, 119 billion is earmarked for the Electoral Commission and the Represented Political Parties Fund as transfer payments. Compensation of employees for the Department at R3, 308 billion constitutes 41% of the budget; goods & services at R2, 235 billion constitutes 28% and capital R251 million or 3% of the vote allocation. Performance for second and third quarters were achieved against the backdrop of the following environmental factors: the urgent need to require and record addresses of voters on the voters roll, which included an online address harvesting campaign and preparations for the national elections with highly contested and fractious political environment requires a well-resourced independent electoral commission to carry out its mandate.

  • In the advancement of certain designated groups according Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017, the GPW made 75% of all acquisitions from and through BBBEE Level 1-3 organisations.
  • The GPW remains financially sustainable and liquid by its high efficiency and continual improvements while operating a lean manufacturing organisation.
  • Completion of the Pavilion 3 Construction Project enables the 2nd Phase of developing and occupying modern, state-of-art manufacturing facilities that promote innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • The attainment of World Class Quality standards in respect of the manufacturing of High Security Documents such as Passports, Identity Documents, Examination Materials and Government Gazettes.
  • Advancements within the ICT through a hardware refresh programme enabled high performance, security, data flexibility and availability. High ICT Security ensured zero security incidents and complete mitigation of all vulnerability

The Government Printing Works experienced numerous challenges during the 2017/18 financial year, however it can be reported that the achievements for the year were significant and contributes to the long-term sustainability of the component. The key challenges and achievements are:

The lack of human capacity related to the attraction and retention of highly skilled resources still poses a critical challenge. Improvement of the remuneration packages for Artisans remains a challenge.

Delays with the approvals and initiation of the key capital projects administered by the Department of Public Works hinders the further development of modern manufacturing facilities and implementation of the GPW Masterplan scheduled for completion in 2021.

Constraining and inflexible Public Service Regulations affects the agility required by the organisation to deliver on its mandate of quick response and short service delivery turnaround times. Key operational decisions rely on lengthy approvals by the Minister of DPSA instead of by Minister of Home Affairs as the Executive.

During the past 24 years, we have, from a painful legacy of discrimination, exclusion, neglect, and indignity, we have toiled hard to forge a department committed and equal to the tasks of restoring dignity to all South Africans and playing a critical role in the socio-economic development as well as security of our nation The Government printing works is the backbone of the developmental state we are building and it a pillar of service provision and security. Possession of an enabling document is indeed a gateway to all forms of social wage. We need to ensure that South Africa's borderline and ports of entry are effectively managed and secured to ensure domestic stability, that all persons in South Africa, both nationals and non-nationals are identifiable, and that we regulate and manage immigration in the national interest to enhance socio-economic development as well as national security, whilst ensuring the integrity of the National Population Register.

Chairperson and again let me reiterate that the ANC supports this budget vote.

I thank you

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