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Budget vote debate: 7 National Treasury (State Security) 18th May 2018 Presented by Honourable Dlamini-Dubazana

Hon. Chair

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Hon. Minister and Deputy Minister


Hon. House Chair the 5th National Conference of the ANC flag a concern on the activities of the private security companies "the security of the private security companies to the outsourcing of state security and military functions poses a threat to the security of the republic because of extensive foreign ownership of and involvement in the industry, with foreign shareholders controlling 50%-60% of the market capitalization of the industry".

The ANC Hon. Chair also noted that our government's approach to regulating the industry has been a piecemeal and largely ineffective.

Hon. House the ANC's towards these has to be taken seriously by the state security, since the ANC is the leader of the society.
The society hon chair has raised a concern on mass interception and all the blame is pointing to the ANC, rightful so, as ANC lives, and ANC leads, it is our are duty to ensure that all South African live free and safe.

Chair is important to outline the process of interception to South African: an applicant apply to the designated judge which is appointed by president, the judge use her/his own discretion whether to award interception on an individual in question.

Hon. Chair ANC has noted that vetting has to be prioritised as an important programme by NICOC. The legislation state clearly that every individual who make an application for employment to any organ of the state, before appointment, she/he should have been vetted. ANC noted with sadness that an economic hub municipality in the African Continent (Johannesburg) the Executive Mayor Mashaba employ a person without qualification nor equivalent experience in a senior position. ANC is aware of the human capital shortages however the DI, CI and SSA are requested to coordinate this function.

Hon. Chair ANC request that in the 5th parliament SSA has to render legislative reform to all its legislation.

Intelligent academy modules or training must be accredited by a recognised institution. Personnel to be provided by necessary skills to as to render efficient services.

Hon. Chair. ANC request the national treasury to assist SSA to on the acquisition of the equipment needs. There are crucial equipment the department needs, for example ICT and digital equipment which cannot be funded by this budget vote.

Hon. Chair the auditor-general has raised some concern on the financial management during 2017/2018 financial. ANC request that the minister has to develop the internal audit controls to ensure capital adequacy and assets adequacy, as result a memorandum of understanding between the ig and ag has been written to ensure financial performance monitoring.

ANC, hon. chair is requesting the SSA to conduct and coordinate operations aimed at mitigating illicit economic activities, cybercrime implementation programme has to coordinated between relevant department so as to avoid duplication of service an save costs.


ANC support budget vote 7

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